Changing to a new computer (v3)

datorbyteFollow the instructions below to move your saved stables, horses and feedlists safely to a new computer:

1. On your old computer: Start by making a copy of the PC-Horse Save directory. You will find it under "My documents/PC-Horse. Copy it to a memory stick or another place where you can access it from the new computer.

2. On your new computer: Download the latest program version of PC-Horse from the PC-Horse homepage and install it on the new computer. Follow the instructions for a standard installation.

3. Activate the program with your licence code. You will find it by clicking on "My Page" on the old computer (or in the E-mail you received containing the licence). Copy the licence code and paste it into a document that you can open on the new computer. Be sure to copy the entire licence string (name and codes).

4. With the PC-Horse program opened on the new computer you can import your old Save directory in different ways. The easiest is to use the program itself to import the old stables, horses and feed lists to the new computer. Then PC-Horse will build a good file structure. The alternative is to copy the old Save directory manually. This will need some computer knowledge.

5. Import of stables and horses is a standard procedure that can be done on the new computer. 

6. When the import is finished you will find all your stables, horses and feedlists on the new computer.