Latest version (v3)

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Always install the latest version of the program. In addition to the changes mentioned below, we will repair and improve  reported issues to make PC-Horse 3 an even better tool for you. If you do not have the latest version (see below) - Download it now.

Please note:  Always close down your previous version of PC-Horse before installing and starting your new version.


Be sure to always try to have the latest version installed.

Version 3.20 - Released 07-04-2019

- Import of feed analyses from Dumea (Netherlands) and Vidilab (Sweden) implemented
- Lysine is calculated from protein analysis when creating new feeds
- Improved messaging on upstart when server searches for user feeds
- Button synchronizing horsefeed prices to stablefeed prices
- Automatic warning when new PC-Horse versions are available
- Import of multiple horses and stables in one process enabled
- Import of feedmix files from version2 enabled

Version 3.19 - Released 01-03-2019

- License renewal/update overhauled
- Automatic security backup of stables and horses every 1 min
- Userfeeds backed up automatically every 5 min
- Fix of bug introduced in 3.18 relating to selection/deselection of nutrients
- Issue on too late updating of "Dry Matter Intake Calculator" fixed
- Messages on ration starch supply improved
- Improvements on FeedMix form
- New feature in consultant (on demand): requirementsystem may be changed
- Userdefined Horse image saved in userdata folder
- A backup reminder message will show when last user backup is more than 1 week old

Version 3.18 - Released 16-02-2019
- Fixed bug related to loss of Stables when having PC offline
- Improved handling of "New feed" when template feed is not selected
- Button for adding ration to horse Dairy activated
- Nutrient comparison table: possible to switch row/column view