Create new feed list

You may create your own feed lists from scratch:

Start from the File menu or from the menu of an already active feed list. Give a unique name to the feed list.

44-207 new feedlist >> 44-208 name feedlist

You will get a feed list without feeds in it. You get the feeds for it by copying in from other lists, or by defining new feeds

Another convenient way to handle feed lists is to create a list that contains all the feeds for a certain title (brand). This can simplify and clarify your handling of eg your own feed. Handy when you want to copy them to different stables feed lists. Or you might want to keep track of your own feeds from year to year. The title ("brand") MY FEEDS is automatically created in the program when you put in your first own feed. Then you can create new feeds that appear under this heading.

44 make brandlist