Adjust condition

44-139 condition

Making adjustments for the changes in condition of the horse:
Body proportions will change when a horse grows fatter. As you can discover for yourself by using the PC-Horse program, fatter horses will weigh less for any given chest girth than leaner horses. You should provide information about the condition of your horse when you calculate from chest girth values.

The body condition function is not active for young horses. You may adjust the body condition of young horses by changing training intensity, or by changing the daily body weight gain.

Please observe that there is a danger that young horses that have become too thin, may be given too much feed. This leads to a rapid compensatory growth, easily observed in the body weight graph. This increases the risk of developing skeletal disorders including osteochondrosis, stiff joints, painful of swollen epiphyseal growth zones, and inflammation in the carpal joints. We recommend that a thin young horse be given ample time to regain body condition.

Watch your young horse carefully, and increase energy intake to about 10% above the calculated requirements for weight, growth rate and activity. Be sure to allow a thin horse plentiful freedom of movement when it is supposed to regain body condition and strengthen skeleton and joints.