Body weight

In the "Body weight" screen you can enter updated body weights as often as you wish. You can also insert old weight recordings at any point in the table.

44-171 weight

Click 44-159 button new weight to enter a fresh weight record.
Double-click the weight field and enter the new weight, then add a date in the date field.

Use 44-161 button sort to arrange a series of weight records into chronological order.  The graph containing body weight data is updated continuously once two or more weight records have been entered.

For young horses the weight graphs are accompanied by two blue lines showing the difference between expected weight development (average, plus or minus 5%) and the present expected weight (orange triangle). Use the blue lines to follow the growth of your horse (red circles) and, if necessary, to change the level of feeding during periods of heavy exercise or rapid growth.

44 weightcurve

Click "Show report" to get a printable weight report. You must leave the screen and reopen it to re-activate the weight graph.

44-239 weightreport