Weight calculator

You can use the chest circumference to calculate body weight. Click 130 questionmarkfor help!

44-236  weight help

Provide a chest girth measurement and click 44-166 estimate girth The weight in the table is changed.

You may also do a backward calculation. Activate a body weight in the table, and click 44-167 estimate weight PC-Horse will estimate the chest girth.

In the drop-down list you will find common body weights for different breeds (max/min).

How to take a measurement: You need a cm-band, 2 - 2,5 m long. Place the band around the chest in the position shown in the drawing. Tighten the band until you are just able to insert your hand between the skin and the band. Remember that there is commonly an error margin of 5% when you estimate body weight from chest girth. You can reduce the variation by being careful to place the band in the same position and try to tighten it to the same extent every time. Be smart - take a chest girth measurement at times when you have access to a scale, and try to adjust any systematic errors when you measure the girth.