Ration formulation

When you have provided information about the stable and the horse, you are ready to formulate a ration:

1. Select feed list and feeds for the horse:
Click the tab "Feeds and feeding of the horse" which will take you to the lower level tab "Select feed".
Now you must first of all select the feed list where you will find your feeds.
Select feeds from the stable's own feed list The pre-selected feed list belongs to the stable where the horse is defined. Available feed types, brands and feeds are shown in the right-hand window.

You select your options in the standard Windows manner. Open the tree-view by clicking on the feed types and brands and double-click on the feeds you want to include in the diet. The feeds you select will move to the window on the left side of the screen labelled "Selected feeds". Selected feeds will, in the tree-view, show a "V" icon. You can toggle between selected and non-selected by double-clicking the feed.

44-232 select feed













Select feeds from other feed lists:
It is simple to select a feed that is not present in the default feed list. Click the button "Select from other feed lists" and double-click the name of the list you wish to use. This list will then open on the tree-view (be sure that the name shown at the top of the tree-view is the correct one). Select your feeds as described above.

44-231 select feed other list

2. Accept the selection of feeds:
When your choices are made, accept by clicking 44-164 button selection ok This hides the tree-view and finalises the feed list you wish to use for the horse.

3. Provide amounts:
Move to the "Provide amounts" tab and enter the kilos or grams of the different feeds you want to use. The screen is empty until you enter your amounts. You can enter amounts that are given in the table, or change allocations of individual feeds by using the arrow buttons.

44-107 provide feed amounts

PC-Horse shows a limited graphic representation of how well the nutrients in the ration will cover the requirements of the horse. You should adjust the allocation of feeds in order to achieve nearly 100% coverage on the requirements for energy and the indicated nutrients. If you have difficulties with formulating a balanced diet, you should go back to the "Select feed" page and select suitable feeds.

44-143 panelbottom

The panel at the bottom of the screen will keep you informed about the total amount of dry matter and roughage in the ration, and warn if the roughage allocation is outside the optimal.