Ration sheet

The "Ration" tab in the program provides a compilation and analysis of your diet. If feed prices are provided in the stables feed list, daily costs of feeding will be presented. You can also provide prices on the individual feeds from this window. You can choose whether these prices will be available for all horses in the stable, or only this specific horse (for instance when a horse owner provides the feed to the stable free of charge). Test it out by changing a feed and watching how PC-Horse calculates your feeding costs. When you are finished with the ration you may print the ration sheet or email it to customers or other interested people.

To inspect the coverage of all nutrients in the diet click 44-156 button graph

44-125 feedstat

The ration sheet provides you with a warning (a red line) when a specific nutrient is outside the optimal area as defined by PC-Horse. By double-clicking a red line you will get help on the specific nutrient.