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Feed lists - a versatile tool

In PC-Horse there are 6 different types of feed lists to facilitate your work in different situations...

icon40pixFeedListMyFeeds icon40pixFeedListMix
The national guaranty feed list "My feeds" list Stable feed lists My feed lists Quick feed lists



Automatically kept updated by PC-Horse.

Created and automatically kept updated.
Keeps track of all your own feeds, no matter in what feed list they are  created.
Automatically created with a copy of the guaranty list feeds in every new stable Lists that you populate with appropriate feeds, prices, etc. Feed lists that you create in the global settings screen, and later select in one or more stables

Your own mixtures

that you create for saving as

own horse feed.

All versions

All versions All versions Standard-, Education-, Pro- & Consultant Pro- & Consultant Pro- & Consultant