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Working with feed lists (v3)



Start by selecting a feed list through double-clicking on the feed list icon in the tree-view in the main screen. The feed screen will now show, starting with the Information tab. We recommend that you make your changes in the "Stable feed lists", or in your own defined feed lists. In this way, you will keep your guaranteed feed list intact, and can use it as a reference feed list. In your stable feed lists you can simplify your work by erasing all feeds you are not using on a daily basis.

The left column shows the contents of the opened feed list.
Here you can do different things:

1. In default mode, the brands are closed. For example, you can delete all feed in the list - "Delete all".
2. Simply click the arrow next to the feed type, or in the header, to open / close the entire feed group.
3. The same logic applies to open / close brands

1.  2. 3.


There are several ways to choose one or multiple feeds:

4. Select feed directly by simply clicking on one or more feed. Selected feed is marked with a green circle.
5. You can also make a series of single click on the brand.
6. The first click opens and displays all feed included in the brand.

4. 5. 6.


7. Next single click marks all feed in the brand.
8. A further one-click will close the brand with all feed items - this will appear with a red plus sign
9. Last click clears all feed included in the brand.

If you continue to click repeat the entire sequence 5 - 9.
This logic applies to all places where feed is displayed in "tree form" of the program.

7. 8. 9.


The selected feed now lets you choose to view, copy, move or delete depending on where you are in the program. An example of this can be found in the manual's menu on the left.