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The feed list "My feeds" (v3)

The feed list "My feeds" is automatically created by PC-Horse. In this feed list a copy of all feed analyzes that you submitted yourself - regardless of whether it was originally created ( in a stable feed list or in another type of feed list).
Own feeds created in previous versions of the PC-Horse (version 2), which has been converted or imported to version 3, will also be included in to this feed list when the importation occurs.

46 myfeed1 


The feed list "My feed" works in the same way as other feed lists, ie feed can be copied between different feed lists.

In this example, two own feeds are copied from the "My Feeds" list to the stable feed list in "Stable 1".

See how to copy feed between feed lists  here


46 myfeed2 


When selecting feed for the horse's diet plan, you can choose the feed list "My feeds" just like any feed list.

See how to make a diet  here


46 myfeed3