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National feed list (v3)

PC-Horse comes with a very handy feed list - the Guaranteed feed list. You will find it on the top of the tree-view on the main screen.

Guaranteed feed list:
This is a 
feed list made for each country. In the UK the list is named UK Guaranteed feeds. Several feed companies have chosen to cooperate with PC-Horse to support your work. Feeds from these companies are pre-defined in PC-Horse when you download it from the web. Our experts have checked that the nutrient analyses are in line with those presented in the product sheets from the companies, and expressed in the national units relevant to the country where the program is used. The various national authorities require feed producers to comply with the rules and regulations formulated centrally by the EU. Feed companies are responsible for the declaration of nutrient contents. PC-Horse cannot take responsibility for errors in the declarations of feed companies.

New and updated feed lists:
Feed lists will be updated by the update centre in PC-Horse when new feeds are introduced by our collaborating feed companies, or as and when market demand requires it. The sample shown above is taken from the Swedish Guarantee List.

If you are temporarily without internet access happens nothing. No feed will be updated. You can continue working as usual with the program.

Calculations of energy and protein:
Some feed constituents, such as energy and protein, may be analysed and expressed differently by different feed producers. Where the units for nutrients provided are the same, differences in analytical methodology may create major errors in the calculations performed by PC-Horse. One notable example is the expression of protein content as "crude protein" or "digestible crude protein". If requirements are given as digestible crude protein (Scandinavia) and feed protein is expressed as crude protein (UK, USA), severe under-supply of protein will result. It is therefore extremely important to be sure about the basis for expressing nutrient concentrations when transporting feeds across borders, even within Europe. The "Global" version of PC-Horse will perform these adjustments safely for feeds from different countries.

Declaration of minerals and vitamines:
According to many national authorities, trace minerals must be declared as "added per kilo feed". In such cases, the contents of nutrients in the natural feed ingredients are not known, and a calculation for the  deficit of a mineral or a vitamin may therefore in special cases be erroneous.