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Define young horse (v3)

When creating a "young horse" you usually start just like making a new horse.
First select your breed and then click on the "Young Horse" button. Then proceed with the OK button.

This will open a new window in which you will set the age of the horse either as age (years), or as birthdate through the calendar. The program proposes an expected adult weight based on general information about the breed. Change the value if you wish. Continue with the OK button.

44-newhorse3  44newhorse4

Now the horse's current status is opened. Here is a brief summary of growth data. Here you can determine two important factors:

a) Exercise intensity
b) Breeding rate. By default there are two alternatives (Normal and High)
In the blue info field you will see which values are affected by your choices.

If you have a license for the PRO or CONSULT version, an additional option will be added: Advanced

Using the arrow controls, you can set your breeding intensity steplessly - both plus and minus.
The blue information field shows exactly what happens.

If you have previously sampled weight information for your  horse, you can post them later to see how the young horse's weight develops in relation to the normal curve of the selected breed.