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Defining your horse (v3)

Creating a new horse is very easy in PC-Horse. Just note that you have to select the stable in which the new horse is to be set (this will be done automatically in Mini and Standard version with allow only one stable).

Note that as long as you have not selected a stable, the horse icon is inactive (gray)



Once you have selected a stable you can click on the "New horse" icon.


Or, if the stable window is open, select either of the two "New Horse" buttons.



1. Now enter the horse's basic information - gender
2. Breed (click on the small arrow to open the list with all standard breeds). If you set the default breed for the stable, it will beautomatically selected for any new horse in that stable)
3. Click the OK button to move on to the next window

In the next window: Enter the horse's name, date of birth and current bodyweight (if available) otherwise the program will enter the horse's normal weight for the selected breed.

Finish with the OK button.

44-newhorse3         44-newhorse4


In this window you can insert and, at any time, change the horse's basic information:
1. Basic data about the horse (Note in the Miniversion, these tasks can not be changed :)
2. Additional information about the horse
3. Select one of the status options. Here you can also change the breed's default image to your own favorite image on the horse)
4. Click the OK button to proceed


1. Close the Horse screen
2. Save the horse (or choose another option)
3. You may change the horse settings whenever needed