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Backup (v3)

Backing up your data - always very important:

PC-Horse allows you to back up all horse, feed and stable data in one operation.
Select "menu" to open a folder dialog where you define the folder in which you will store your back up data.

In addition we recommend that you make a further back up to an independent storage device, for instance a CD or a memory stick.

Press OK. You will get a message naming the folder that will hold your backup files.

In addition to your own backup, the program saves automatic snapshots of your work. These data can be recovered if they accidentally disappear

If you open the "UserDataBackup" folder, you will see your backups. There are also the automatic backup copies of stables and horses (UserData.xml) and own feed (UserFeedCollection.xml) that are created when the program is opened and closed.

These files can be recovered. Feel free to use our free support. See under the HELP tab on this website.