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E-mail (v3)

Feature active in version:   PROFESSIONAL      CONSULTANT      EDUCATION  

Advanced use of email in PC-Horse:

The professional versions of PC-Horse include a set of email functions. You may send a single email with different reports directly from the program, using email addresses you have entered into your contact register.

You can use several grouping functions to email your horse owners full reports on their horses. Save time and improve your customer services.

44-113 emailreport

Place a check mark for the reports that you want to email.

Click the checkbox in front of each horse and report you will send

You can attach data files for stables and horses to your email messages. These files can be imported into another PC which also has a registered PC-Horse program. This provides a convenient opportunity for sharing information amongst feed consultants, between teachers and students, or between yourself and your customers if you are a feed advisor.

Feature active in version:  CONSULTANT  

When you have checked "Include all rations today", PC-Horse will include all reports saved with today's date stamp (only available in the Consultant version).