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"Quick choice" to reuse the latest feed selection in a new horse

Feed advisers formulating diets with identical, or nearly identical feeds, a "quick selection button" is available.

By clicking the  button icon20pixUndo you will automatically transfer the feed selection of your last finished horse in the stable.

Point your mouse over the button to expose a "hint" with the feeds included in the selection.

44 lastselectedfeed1


Click to move the feeds into the diet of the horse. Later, you can delete or add feeds as desired.

44 lastselectedfeed2

If one roughage feed is included, an "optimal" amount is automatically given. The amounts of all remaining feeds are set to zero, allowing you to quickly formulate a complete ration.

44 lastselectedfeed3


Individual feed prices will also be used, if set previously. The prices can be changed directly when needed.

44 lastselectedfeed4