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Model horses (v3)

This feature is active in version:   PROFESSIONAL      CONSULTANT      EDUCATION  

PC-Horse will create a set of pre-defined horses to speed up your creation of new horses. This is particularly useful for nutrition consultants. From the menu selection "Modelhorse-Stable" you can create model stables and model horses.

Following the creation of a model stable, a collection of pre-defined model horses can also be created. The horses can be accessed in the same way as your own horses, and changed according to your needs.


Create a new model horse:
When a model stable is selected as your active stable, a click on the "New horse" button will create a new model horse. You can change the properties of this horse according to your needs. When a model horse is saved, it will not become older in the same way as ordinary horses - provided it remains in the Model stable.

Special properties of Model horses:
Model horses and model stables are easily identified by their black and white icons. Another important property is that model horses remain at the age they had when initially defined. Thus, if you have created a 6-month old horse it will remain at that age as long as it existst in a model horse stable. A model horse therefore remains as a "template" horse.

Make the horse "wake up to life"
When your model horses are dragged out of a model stable and dropped onto an ordinary stable, the model horse is transformed into an "ordinary" horse and you can use it in the same way as any other horse. PC-Horse creates a clone of this horse which remains available for further use in the Model stable - as a "template".

Switch between model stable and regular stable
You can easily convert a stable and all its horses to model stable by ticking the box. Similarly, you can change it back to a regular stable.