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Moving horses between stables

Fr.o.m v 3.28

In the professional versions PRO and CONSULTANT you can move and copy horses between different stables.


If you have a small number of stables that fit in the overview, this is most easily done by drag and dropping the horse to the desired stable. This will automatically create a copy of the moved horse. The original remains in the original stable.
If you want to delete the original horse, right-click and select "Delete".



If you have a large number of stables, the space in the overview may not be enough to easily move the horse. Right-click on the horse and select "Move".

 44 movehorse0


A new window opens and you can now choose to which stable you either want to move the horse or move a copy of the horse (the original remains).
Select copy mode and double-click on the stable you want to move or copy to. Confirm the selection with "YES".



In the selected stable, the horse is temporarily shown with a question mark (?).

44 movehorse2


When you close the screen, the process is completed. If you have selected "Copy and insert Horse", the horse is now in two places.

44 movehorse3