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Multiple rations (v3)

Feature active in version:   CONSULTANT      EDUCATION   

Multiple or alternative rations:

Consultants, teachers and students may need to formulate alternative rations for the same horse, and to document these as part of a single email. PC-Horse has implemented the following routine for this:

  1. When a new ration is formulated, it is saved automatically. If you change that ration during the same day, any change will overwrite the original ration.
  2. To save more rations on a given day, you must change the filename of the ration. Click the SAVE-button
  3. Make a recognisable change to the filename (the date is included automatically), and click OK
  4. This way you may save an unlimited number of different rations for the same horse

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Check the box "Send all reports with today's date"  when you prepare your email message.

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