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Create Quick Feed Lists - a time-saving "global" feature in PC-Horse

Under the main menu you will find the selection Quick feed list in the CONSULTANT version.

A Quick feed list contains a set of feeds that you have assembled for future use. You can have as many such feed lists as you find convenient. Quick feed lists can typically include feed selections that fits a certain customer category, a certain horse category, a certain price category, etc. When such a Quick feed list is selected in a stable, it gives you the opportunity to transfer the complete feed selection from the list to the horses in one click, saving time in stressful situations.

Please note that Quick feed lists are a global features. This means that all Quick feed lists are created and stored centrally. Therefore, all Quick feed lists are accessible for use in all stables and their horses.
In the stable form you can decide to select one quick feed list as default. This list will be used preferably for all new horses created in the stable. In addition, when preparing a ration for an individual horse, you can access all feed lists stored in PC-Horse. Read more here.

44 quickfeedlist1 quickfeed structure


You also reach the same location via the GEAR icon and under the Quick feeding tab. Here you create new Quick feed lists, delete and change the contents of existing lists.

44 quickfeedlist2


To create a new Quick feed list, press the PLUS sign. Give it a suitable name. Press OK.

44 quickfeedlist3


Double-clicking a list name will open the feed list form, and allow you to edit the content of the list, change feed prices and perform other common operations on feed lists in PC-Horse.

44 quickfeedlist4


When assembling feeds in the Quick feed list, you use the common copy functions. Select a "donor" feedlist and a feed type, select and copy the feeds you need into your Quick feed list, and watch how the content of the Quick feed list appears in the right-hand feed tree.

44 quickfeedlist5


When you later open the form "Settings / Quickfeeding", it is easy to check the feed content of the different Quick feed lists by clicking on the name. The content will then be displayed.

Use the PEN icon to open the feed list form and edit its content. Changing the content of a Quick feed list affects all stables that have this feed list as their selected Quick feed list.

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