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Ration sheet details (v3)

Open the latest ration
On the Horse Overview, you can see a brief summary of the last ration. You can also pick up earlier rations.
When you want to make a new one, or go deeper into the latest ration, click the left button "Formulate ration".

The ration opens. Scroll with the slider to view the full report.

Go deeper
Use the buttons to develop the work with the ration. Some features are self explanatory.

Complete or optional feed report

Sometimes it may be appropriate to show only the most important nutrients in a ration. The "simple" report only lists 13 nutrients as opposed to the complete, which shows the number of nutrients that your software version allows (or the number you set in settings if you have the consultant version).



The left hand provides a graphical representation of the nutrient analysis. The right shows how  different feeds in the ration contributes to the nutritional content.

As you work with your feed, you will learn which feed is better than others to supply different nutrients.
Both charts can be printed, saved in the clipboard and used in other documents, saved elsewhere or mailed.



Too much or too little of a nutrient
Red text in the report and nutrient list warns of error in dosage. Double-click on the nutrients in the list to see a detailed analysis of the diet's feed and their respective contributions to the current nutrient. The wizard will also tell you about important consequences of deficits and how it should be addressed.