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Dry Matter Control (v3)

In addition to the control of the individual nutrients in the ration (Right panel), PC-Horse now gives you advice on how much roughage (fibrous feed) the horse's daily ration should have. You will use the Dry Matter Control (Panel on the left) for this. The control calculates how much dry matter the horse should have, and compares to the actual roughage and total dry matter amounts in the ration you formulate. As you go!

44 dm control 1

Start with allocating the roughage. Above we show the warning issued when the ration contains too little roughage and too little total dry matter; The ration is too small.

44 dm control 2

When you increase the amounts given, the bar will change color through yellow to green.
44 dm control 3

With green and yellow colors your roughage and DM allocations are OK.

44 dm control 4

Now, adjuste the amounts of concentrates or vitamin/mineral supplements fed, until you have a balanced ration with regard to all individual nutrients!

44 dm control 5

The Dry Matter Control will issue a warning also if your ration contains more roughage or total dry matter than the horse can  eat (Example below).

44 dm control 6