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Synkronize prices in the stable

Set feed prices on the horse screen
When making diet plans you may change the feed prices locally for each horse (see picture). These prices are stored in the horse's data and will not be affected by the prices in the stable's feed list.

44 syncstableprices1

Set feed prices that apply to all new horses in the stable
Use the stable's feed list to enter feed prices that apply generally in the stable. The prices in the stable's feed list are automatically used as standard prices in all new horses' diets. For existing horses, any existing prices are retained also when the same feeds are given new prices in the stable's feed list.

44 syncstableprices2


Synchronize the horses' feed prices with the prices in the stable's feed list
You can synchronize all prices defined locally in the horses’ diet to the prices given in the stable’s feed list. Click on the “sync” button on the stable screen. Prices in the stable and in all horses will then become equal (picture).
When a feed price is given locally in a horse, and the stable's corresponding feed does not have a price, then the feed’s price in the horse is kept unchanged.

44 syncstableprices3


Change the feed price of an existing horse
After a synchronization you can always change feed prices in individual horses via the horse screen.

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