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Start working (v3)

First checks:

1. If necessary, correct the language your computer is set to (it must be the same as the version of PC-Horse you have purchased)

2. Is Microsoft Explorer installed (needed for reports, etc)

3. Once installed, you will get a quick overview under these tabs:

Your actual version:  Links to news:
Your user-id and licensetime: Language and energy/protein-system:

4. Start-icons

When you click on any of these icons, a new device (stall, horse, feed list, etc.) is created.
Gray icons means that the feature is either not included in the version you purchased - or you are not in a mode where the icon works - for example, if you have not selected a stall,  the program does not reconize to which stall the horse should be connected.

5. The useful OK-button
On many screens of the program, this OK button is displayed: 
It saves your selection and moves on to the next logical page in the procedure you are in.


6. Overview


Clicking this symbol in the Overview will show the number of current stables, horses in your installation.
When the symbol occurs in other places it will give you additional information on the relevant subject.

To the left, under the heading "Overview" you will see all current feed lists, stables and active horses. These can be opened or hidden by clicking the name or the small arrow to the left of the icon:

The elements that you create are represented in the tree-view in the left of the screen. The tree-view can be expanded or contracted in a standard Windows manner. When you do this, an additional menu appears under each item (eg save, delete, rename, etc).

7. Work logically

PC-Horse uses three basic elements that are logically linked:

  • Stable
  • Feed lists (feeds) 
  • Horses

You will get the best results when you follow the logic of the program, starting by entering the data for your stable first. Then define the feed list with the feeds that you are going to feed the horses in your stable, adding or removing feeds according to your own needs. This will make work with your horses easier.