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Starting the Mini version (v3)

The miniversion works just like other versions of PC-Horse - but with some important limitations:

1. It only contains one stable
2. It can only create one horse - which can not be replaced by another horse.

How to create your stable and your horse in the Miniversion:
1. Click on the "New Stable" icon to open the stable screen   

1. If you wish, you can rename the stable. Save it and change the name in the folder list to the left.
2. Click on any of the horse icons to create your horse.

1. Select Breed from the list of program default breeds
2. Select Gender
3. Click to proceed - Be careful, the choices can not be undone


1. Enter the horse's date of birth or age (number of years)
2. Give the horse a name
3. Exit with OK-button    Be careful, the choices can not be undone


Your horse is now defined and can not be changed to another horse (identity)
However, you can change the horse's status (right part) as many times as you want as the situation changes for the horse.

Congratulations! Your horse is now ready for use. Close and save it to proceed to the program.

In the stable feed list you can now make your own feed, load feed analyzes from Eurofins (some contries) and work with your stable feed list within the framework of the mini license.
In the horse you can make diets, print reports and other things that are active in the mini version.
In the stable you change the number and times of the meals.
In the manual you will find certain more that are of interest.