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Licenses and updates (v3)

In order to use PC-Horse, a valid license is required. You can order this from our website, or from within the program, if you have already installed this on your Windows computer.

Here you can order your license from the web. It will look like this.

Select your desired program version from the alternatives presented (pricelist). If you have days left on your present license these days will be added to your new licens time.

If you have a discount code, paste it in.

44 update license1

The fields should be filled in with your details, if they need to be changed, do that.
You will receive a reminder 7 days before your license expires via email or SMS. It is therefore important that you provide correct contact information (email and mobile phone number) when you purchase your license.

SUBMIT and check the feedback page.
Press CONTINUE and complete the payment process as usual. Pay with established cards.

44 update license2

 After the payment process is completed you will recieve your new license code directly in your web browser and via mail.

Copy and paste (the entire string including your name) into the yellow field. Activate the license.


Extension of your license (inside PC-Horse)

You will always find your license ID and when your license is expiring under the license tab.
More details and when your license need to be extended or changed - go to My Page

44 license tab with mypagebutton


Your license is also handled through My Page where you have several choices.

By clicking for update you will get to the bank in two steps:

44 mypage update license