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Other trace minerals

Other trace minerals. molybdenum (Mo), chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), tin (Sn), vanadium (V), fluorine (F), silicon (Si) and arsenic (As) are also recognised as being essential minerals. However, the requirements for these minerals have not been properly determined and hence they are not included within the PC-Horse program. 

Silicon is the second most abundant nutrient in the crustal surface layer, but little is known with regard to the effects on mammals. Silicon is essential in the construction of bone and is a major component of connective tissue, hyaluronic acid and cartilage. Silica is found in nature as SiO2 and is easily absorbed by the horse. Sodium zeolite (SZA) is absorbed more easily and have found that this nutrient is good for horses in training and can assist in the prevention of injuries. Since Silicon occur so abundantly in nature, it is less likely that there will be a shortage of horses. There is no internationally established standards need silicon for horses.

Boron is accepted as an essential nutrient. Levels found naturally within feeds and forages are expected to meet requirements.There is no internationally established standards need for horses.