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PC-Horse as an educational tool

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PC-Horse has been used as an educational tool in Scandinavia for veterinary and animal science students for more than 15 years.

When students have acquired basic knowledge of nutritional physiology and how horses' requirements for their various nutrients are calculated and expressed, PC-Horse is the logical next step in training students in the formulation of practical diets. PC-Horse use both generic feeds and commercial products that are on the market now. PC-Horse is an excellent tool for obtaining a thorough understanding of how physiological and genetic factors, including growth rate, training, lactation and blood type all affect the requirements for nutrients.

With the help of the program's educational graphics, students can quickly test out alternative feeding strategies, define new feeds, compare the nutritional content of different feeds - and, helped by the inbuilt "expert advice", quickly find answers to the possible effects of nutritional deficiencies, and how they can be prevented.

For teachers, PC-Horse is a tool helping them to achieve high educational goals within available class hours. In addition, students may buy software licenses for their own laptops at heavily discounted rates, thus stimulating their own work - for instance with their favourite horse. 

Examples of colleges and universities that use PC-Horse in their education:


Nottingham University UK
 Abington-Witney College  UK
Writtle College UK
 University of Limerick Ireland
 University of Surrey UK
Norsk Hestecenter Norway
 Häme University of Applied Scienses (HAMK) Finland
 Hansenberg Organia Denmark
 Dalum Landbrugsskole Denmark
Roskilde Tekniske Skole Denmark
Aarhus Ehrvervsakademi  Denmark
Københavns Universitet Denmark
Dansk Rideförbund Denmark
Holar University College Iceland
Wången Sweden
Flyinge Sweden
Strömsholm Sweden
Agricultural colleges: Bollerup, Lillerud, Sötåsen,... Sweden
Agricultural colleges: Øksnevad, Tvedestrand,Mosjøen, Hvam, ... Norway