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Latest version (v3)

This article will only be published in english.

Always install the latest version of the program. In addition to the changes mentioned below, we will repair and improve  reported issues to make PC-Horse 3 an even better tool for you. If you do not have the latest version (see below).


Be sure to always try to have the latest version installed.  Download now

Please note:  Always close down your previous version of PC-Horse before installing and starting your new version. 

Version 3.37 (released 20/11 2023) and 3.38 (released 23/3 2024)
- Fixed user-reported issues
- Inconsistant stability in Dry Matter on newly defined userfeeds
- Translation errors in German version
- Improved layout and errors reported in FeedEditor (now version 1.1)
- Improved styling of PC-Horse reports (HTML-coding)
- Improved internationalization of ration formulation
- Updated German version to include calculations according to the Gfe2014 requirements
- Updated German generic feeds based on among others M Coenen and I Vervuert: Pferdefütterung (2022)
- Cleanup
- Improvements in code related to requirement calculations
- Exposed 2 systems for compliance with national requirement systems called "Strict" and "Safety" compliance.
Bacwards compatible withe earlier PC-Horse editions (<3.38).
Possible to select in from a Consultant licensed version. Contact PC-Horse for more information.
- New nutrients:
- Sulphur containing aminoacids(Methionine + Cystein combined) and Threonine shown in reports when values are given in feeds
- Ash, NDF and ADF can now be entered as feed analyses (for internal PC-Horse use)

You can always contact PC-Horse for more information...

Version 3.36 Released 17/10/2023

- Generic feeds now presented in separate country feed lists
- New FeedEditor for feed company use in PC-Horse
- Access to edit feeds belonging to our collaborating feedcompanies on PC-Horse feed server
- Improved calculation of age in young horses, and month of pregnancy and lactation
- Multiple Webhorse improvements
- Several design improvements in main PC-Horse forms
- Improved feed server communications
- Fixed bugs with matingdates and resetting of a horse to the not pregnant state
- Fixed bug allowing horses in model stables to grow older


Version 3.35 Released 14/02/2023


Version 3.34 Released 17/01/2023

This version is a mandatory update of version 3.33 to correct a calculation error introduced in the energy and protein requirements in some countries. Otherwise no new features. Please update to version 3.34 now if you use version 3.33.  The update will take less than a minute!


Version 3.33 Released 22/12/2022

* Improvements
- New MyPage with summary of user resorces and other informations
- Purchase of additional horses and stables for the Mini- and Standard versions
- Improved backup and reporting routines
- Improved error messages
- Language updates now automatic at program start
- 2 New languages added: Spanish and Hungarian
- Adding and changing breed data now automatic at program start
- Improved information about email-services in PC-Horse
- Improved error handling when PC-Horse has stopped irregularly through program exceptions


* Reported bugs fixed
- Removed unnecessary save dialogs and saving of files
- Updated communcation protocol with PC-Horse server
- Horses in training: Fixed errors in energy requirement calculation during bodyweight corrections
- Lactating mares: Registration of new mating date corrected
- Pregnant/Lactating mare standardization: Month 1 starts on the day of mating/parturition
- Added error detection and handling for dry Matter errors in feed analysis files
- Webhorse: Improved errorhandling when customers have attched invalid imagefile to webform
- Many smaller code improvements


Version 3.32 Released 7 november 2022 

- Temporary version. See version 3.33

Version 3.30 - Released 27-10-2021

- This version was withdrawn. Current version still 3.29.

Version 3.29 - Released 29-04-2021

- New implementation of guides explaining nutrient surplus or deficiency.
- New implementation of logo display for feed brands and linking to feed companys homepages.
- New item in File menu for forced download of guaranty feeds from the feed server and reset of guaranty feedlist.
- Improved workflow when creating new userfeeds. Eliminated an erroneous warning for duplicate names.
- Improved search form: Search for horses and stables by owner.
- Corrected: Bug in protein requirements in late pregnancy gave too low increase in requirement towards parturition.
- Corrected: A user-supplied body weight was not saved when a new young horse was created.
- Corrected: A conflict reported by users when having more than one new young horse open.
- Change in horse category faulted and program froze.
- Improved: Handling of regions in webhorse form.


Version 3.28 - Released 22-02-2021

- New breed "Norwegian Warmblood" in standard breed list
- New help screen for moving horses between stables (Consultant)
- Improved Webhorse functions (Consultant)
   - Young trained horses
   - Horse selection based on name of regional representative

- Fixed: User-suppled value for expected adult body weight saved
- Fixed: Error printing feed compostion report from feed list screen
- Removed: Import of horses and stables from deprecated PC-Horse version 2 files


Version 3.27 - Released 07-12-2020

Technical improvements for all versions based on userfeedback!
- Improved design and clarity when making new feeds
- Improved errorhandling when userdefined configuration files are opened
- Option to send damaged or erroneous files to PC-Horse


Version 3.26 - Released 20-11-2020

New features and improvements:

- Webhorse: New system for communication with horse owners. Horseowners can enter horse data on a webpage, and send via the PC-Horse server to feeding advisors for professional help. Consultant
- Quick feedlists: Improved access and handling. Consultant
- Nutrient decimals and significant digits in reports and screens: Control by user in Settings screen. Consultant
- Feeds and Brands: Improved selection mechanism in feed list screen. All versions
- Bodyweights: Actual (measured) horse weights saved permanently. Estimated weights discarded when closing the program. All versions Minor fixes - License updates: Need to restart program eliminated
- Improved tests on duplicate names for new feeds
- Change of server: Screen reimplemented
- User preferences: Saved in new file in the Userdata folder
- Horseform: Layout of feed tables and report views improved
- Contacts: Used encryption of contact data to preserve international spelling
- Horseform: Improved clipboard copying of images showing diet nutrient composition and feed contribution to diet nutrients
- Fallback to English language for missing translations implemented
- Errors: Fixed reported errors giving rise to "access violation" and "index out of bounds" messages