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Nutrients shown in different versions of PC-Horse (v3)


7 nutrients are shown in the Mini-version of PC-Horse
The Mini version allows you to calculate requirements for seven important nutrients. Analyses of these nutrients should preferentially be available in the feeds you buy for your horse or stable.

44 feedwindow mini



23 nutrients are shown in the Standard-version
The Standard-version allows you to calculate the main 23 nutrients that have their requirements set by international standards. When the columns in PC-Horse for these values are "green", you have put together a well balanced ration for your horse.

44 feedwindow std


professional44 consultant44 education44

31 nutrients or feed ingredients are shown in the professional versions (Pro, Consultant, Education)
For professionals dealing with more demanding situations, and when you need to correct nutritional deficiencies, you will gainaccess to starch, sugar, fat and fiber, and may calculate the acid-base properties of your diet.

44 feedwindow pro