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Prices in the UK

VersionMonthsNew license
Extension *
MINI 3 £9 £9
standard 6 £60
12 £80
professional44 12 £200 £100
CONSULTANT 12 £450 £225
EDUCATION 12 £550** £550**

GBP (from 2023-01-01) ( Prices excl. VAT. No VAT to EU countries )

* Any remaining time will be added to a renewal or upgrade.
Licence costs are calculated based on a fixed basic price for the version, plus a per diem cost for the duration of the license. When ordering you may see minor deviations (1-3%) from the shown price. This relates to the actual number of days in the months your license spans. When you order for the first time we add some extra days to allow you time to get acquainted with PC-Horse.

Our server calculates and shows the actual price as soon as you have filled in the order form.
** We are giving special offers for schools and other multi-user environments. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.