Latest version (v3)

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Always install the latest version of the program. In addition to the changes mentioned below, we will repair and improve  reported issues to make PC-Horse 3 an even better tool for you. If you do not have the latest version (see below) - Download now.

Please note:  Always close down your previous version of PC-Horse before installing and starting your new version.


Be sure to always try to have the latest version installed.


Version 3.25 - Released 21-01-2020

Bug fixes

- Secured that stable and horse names do not end with a blank to avoid trouble in folder paths
- Better messages when exceptions occur
- Handling of userdefined feeds revisited to avoid:
- loss of feeds between PC-Horse sessions
- duplicates and loss when importing feed lists, horses and stables
- License update message now shown after license update


New Functions:
1. New form for simultaneous operations on multiple stables. Consultant
- Delete selected stables in one operation. Pro, Consultant
- Export a collection of stables with their horses and feeds by file or via email. Consultant

2. Enabled moving of the PC-Horse root folder (Documents\PC-Horse3\) to an alternative, userdefined location. All versions.
3. Rounding of numbers for nutrients in feed reports improved based on requests from users..


Version 3.24 - Released 31-10-2019
Bug fixes
- Red and green dots marking selection of feeds and nutrients again visible after omission in ver 3.23.
- A check for missing feeds in the feed list of imported horses will prevent "Index out of bounds" error.

Program updates
- Initial amount of roughage suggested automatically by PC-Horse raised
from 1% to 1.5% dry matter per 100 kg body weight
- Meal chart reports (print and clipboard) harmonized and improved
- Illegal characters in Stable-, Horse- and Feed list names reported during typing
- Renaming of Stables, Horses and Feed lists overhauled, included renaming of report files


Version 3.23 - Released 08-10-2019
Bug fixes (3.22 and 3.23 combined)
- Digestible crude protein requirements for young horses were calculated too low. (No error for crude protein)
- Warning for too low protein (red columns) now stops at 90% coverage (was 99.9%).

- Similar corrections made for some vitamines, K and Cl

- Error when deleting a newly added treatment corrected in the Horse screen
- Error when deleting of userdefined treatments corrected in the Settings screen

Program updates
- Lysine recalculates automatically when protein is changed in templated and userdefined feeds.
  (It is still possible to override a calculated lysine value).
- All changes in feed allocation will now immediately update the Dry Matter intake graphics
- Improved grazing model. Estimated pasture intake is now reduced when the sum of allocated feeds and             pasture exceeds maximal dry matter intake.
- Daily gain for young horses now updates in all reports when birthdate is changed
- Body weight graphs for young horses now shows the 95-105% weight interval lines
- Meals chart print improved

New options in the Consultant program version
- Planning tool for handling horse groups (Group horses, under development).

- Runtime language changes available. Contact PC-Horse


Version 3.22 - Released 26-08-2019 (Limited changes. See version 3.23)


Version 3.21 - Released 15-06-2019
Bug fixes
- Error reported in some situations when users have tried to close the PC-Horse program
  with one or several horse screens open (causing access violation).
- Feed company logos for report footers made downloadable from PC-Horse server. Contact our support.

- PC-Horse File Structure
  In order to make PC-Horse file structure more compatible with networked computers in
  organisations (companies and educational institutions), we have changed our file structure.
  For existing installations, PC-Horse version 3.21 will rearrange the files automatically.

The changes are:
- All userdefined files are now saved in one folder (\Documents\PC-Horse3\UserData\)
- The Resourcefiles folder (pc-horse_data3\) is moved from the PC-Horse3 root folder
   to the public systemfolder (\Users\Public\Documents\PC-Horse3\pc-horse_data3\)
- The program executable is still in the location recommended
   by Windows (C:\Program Files (x86)\PC-Horse3)

 Program updates
- Stable screen: New "Stable settings" tab for preselected Breed and Quick feed list
- New installer software for PC-Horse
- Max advisable intake of starch in a ration lowered from 5 to 2 g/kg of bodyweight per day
  according to contemporary understanding of safety levels for starch handling in the hindgut.
  Max advisable intake of starch in a single meal lowered from 2 g/kg bodyweight
  to 1.5 g/kg bodyweight. The text of the languagefile is also updated.
  Since PC-Horse downloads the latest version of the languagefile at start,
  a too high starch intake according to the levels implemented in the new version
  (3.21, starch shown with red text), will be shown with black in earlier versions (3.20 and below).
  We apologize for this discrepancy, which disappears as soon as you update to version 3.21.

Version 3.20 - Released 07-04-2019

- Import of feed analyses from Dumea (Netherlands) and Vidilab (Sweden) implemented
- Lysine is calculated from protein analysis when creating new feeds
- Improved messaging on upstart when server searches for user feeds
- Button synchronizing horsefeed prices to stablefeed prices
- Automatic warning when new PC-Horse versions are available
- Import of multiple horses and stables in one process enabled
- Import of feedmix files from version2 enabled

Version 3.19 - Released 01-03-2019

- License renewal/update overhauled
- Automatic security backup of stables and horses every 1 min
- Userfeeds backed up automatically every 5 min
- Fix of bug introduced in 3.18 relating to selection/deselection of nutrients
- Issue on too late updating of "Dry Matter Intake Calculator" fixed
- Messages on ration starch supply improved
- Improvements on FeedMix form
- New feature in consultant (on demand): requirementsystem may be changed
- Userdefined Horse image saved in userdata folder
- A backup reminder message will show when last user backup is more than 1 week old

Version 3.18 - Released 16-02-2019
- Fixed bug related to loss of Stables when having PC offline
- Improved handling of "New feed" when template feed is not selected
- Button for adding ration to horse Dairy activated
- Nutrient comparison table: possible to switch row/column view