Generische Futtermittel im PC-Horse

In all versions of PC-Horse there is a set of standard, non-branded feeds (pasture grass, hay, oats, vegetable oil and many more) under the "brand" GENERIC FEED. We have based the values ​​for the nutrients in these feeds on tables from public sources, trying to match relevant feeds for the region.

There are generic feeds in all categories in the guaranteed feeds list:

  • Roughage
  • Concentrate mix
  • Vitamin/Mineral mix

Generic feeds serve several purposes for users of PC-Horse:

  • As a template to retrieve default values for nutrients in feeds where only energy and protein is analysed
  • As a source of information on the content of nutrients in different qualities of feeds you can buy

Our ambition is to document some of the variation in the quality of the generic feeds, and make appropriate feeds available for selection in PC-Horse. This is particularly important when the quality of the roughages in the horse feed markets deviate considerably from normal, for example, after a wet summer.

Often, the name of a feed gives a direct indication of its quality, eg. "Hay, late harvest", or it may be "Oats, 55 kg/L". In addition, you can read a brief comment about the nutritional properties when you view the feeds in the program.

PC-Horse is now working to develop a partnership with companies that make commercial forage analysis for feed manufacturers and horse owners, with the aim of making roughage analyses more easily available for users of PC-Horse.