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VPN - Virtual Private Network (v3)

VPN is a common technology, used usually by larger companies with offices in different geographical locations. VPN makes it possible for employees to use an internet connection to access files and features on the company's server in a shared network.

PC-Horse also functions over such VPN networks but, depending on the connection speed and the data load between the local computer and the central network server, some "time-out" problems may occur for PC-Horse users, usually because there is too much data traffic over the connection.

Typical symptoms of this type of problem are that PC-Horse works well and responds quickly when connected to the office server, but has long response times or even time-out problems (e.g. "PC-Horse not responding") when working from home online and perhaps using a modem that is too slow.

In this case, we recommend disconnecting the shared VPN connection while working directly with the PC-Horse program. Files will then be saved locally to your own computer. When the connection is restored, all these locally saved files will automatically be synchronized and data (horses, stables, reports, etc.) will be copied to the user's network area on the central server.