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New treatment name (v3)

In the treatment window for a horse you may create a new treatment name for a particular (default) treatment type by clicking the "pen-ikon".

After clicking the pen, the configuration window for global settings opens. From here, you can make the newly-created treatment name available for all horses in the PC-Horse program. It will also be accessible from the top menu under "Configurations/Treatment information"

In theis window you may also enter the number of days you choose before warnings are triggered

The illustration below shows the steps involved:

1. Click the pen

2. Select the "Treatments" tab
3. Select treatment type
4. Click "New treatment"

5. Enter a new treatment name

6. You can also enter the URL of your supplier. If you leave the web field blank, PC-Horse will enter a web search that corresponds to the treatment name.

7. Save the new information

 44 treatmentname